We are Pralagians, a member of a non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change all over the world.

Our Mission

To reduce crime, discourage the use of hard drugs, help the homeless, prevent human right abuse, enlighten the populace on the implication of crime, rehabilitate the ex-inmates and their dependents so as to bring peace to our society, to provide counselling and support for crime victims and their families.

Our Vission

Making the world a peaceful place through enlightenment, rehabilitation and empowerment

Our Values

Our Organization has been present for over 6 years. We make the best for all our children.

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What We Do

PRALARG Int’l areas of operation and intervention include: 1. Inmates Empowerment:To protect, provide, rehabilitate and empower ex-inmates when they are out of the prisons to prevent back to crime syndrome of ex-prisoners 2. Half way center: To maintain a center (Half-way center) where we can house those released from correctional service, as a temporary accommodation until they are empowered to be on their own 3. Civic Education: To organize high powered sensitization, lecture, and enlightenment in all various academic stages so as to discourage the students from taking to crime 4. Inmates Rehabilitation: To reform and redirect the convicted from a life of crime to a path of rectitude. 5. Homeless: To empower the less privileged and homeless towards self-sustaining program 6. Foreign: The Organization would visit, intervene, help any American citizens in foreign prisons 7. Human Rights Advocacy:To defend the vulnerable and less privileged in the society from human right abuse. 8. Advocacy: To advocate for better prisons’ welfare, provide succour and encouragement to inmate both at home and abroad. 9. Enlightenment: To enlighten and provide health information to inmates and discourage the use of hard drugs. 10. Foreign: To advocate for a better life for convicts in foreign countries

Our Team

STAFF/VOLUNTEER: The organization is blessed with committed staff and officers most of whom are volunteers passionate about development work and community service. HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: Staffs are empowered and exposed to regular and periodic capacity building workshop for improved efficiency sponsored by the organization. Some of these training include technical workshops, crime prevention, paralegal training and capacity building seminars relevant to their fields and areas of operation. (a.) Core Values: Values for excellence: No organization succeeds in a system that is not supported by certain values seen as core. In this light, PRALARG INTERNATIONAL takes certain values seriously that are core to the success of its operations and programs. These include: Human Dignity and Gender Equity – In the operation of the organization, all women and men are equal. They have equal rights in the organization and participate in the development activities equally. – All staff have equal opportunities for promotion based on their experience and qualification without any gender perspective or bias. – Staff and management ensure gender justice in all aspect of the organization operations. Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Transparency – Staff behaviour and conduct are rooted in honesty, sincerity and transparency. – The organization will never hide any relevant information from its stakeholders. – All members of the organization are committed to upholding moral integrity in their dealings with internal and external officials.

Pralagian Olayemi Akinwunmi

CEO & Founder

Mr. Aladin

General Manager

Zummon Khan


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