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Desmond Tutu once said “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”. This year hasn’t been the best for a lot of persons, the pandemic had hit us all with unimaginable effects and we are still fighting with so many now sick and out of work. If the world ever needed so much charity; now would be a perfect time. It is in light of this that the Prisons Rehabilitation and Law Abiding Organization International (PRALARG INT’L) has decided to embark on a charity project to support the vulnerable people in Newark throughout the Yuletide season and beyond.

There is no doubt that the homeless and ex-convicts have been terribly affected by the pandemic and the winter has not made it any easy. While we commend the various food pantry or food banks that have been giving out food items to the less privileged, we equally need to consider the homeless that do not even have a place or means to cook.

Bearing in mind the possible disadvantages that may arise from giving out cash gifts to some of these people who might end up purchasing drugs or other substances that may, in turn, be harmful to their health, our organization hopes to distribute cooked food and other basic materials such as clothing, cleaning products, and toiletries in celebration of Christmas, we also intend to create a walk-in free food kitchen where the poor, homeless and ex-convicts can get free foods and other items beginning from Christmas Day.

Our Organization

PRALARG INTERNATIONAL is an acronym for Prisons Rehabilitation and Law Abiding Organization International, a 501 (c)(3) incorporated in America, a non-profit organization devoted to the reduction of crime in the society through charity, education and sensitization of the public as well as the careful rehabilitation of prison inmates. Other engagements of the organization include promoting and sustaining good moral values in the society, rehabilitation of ex-convicts and financial empowerment for the poor and the homeless.

We are on a mission to alleviate poverty, reduce crime, discourage the use of the hard drug, reduce recidivism and equally provide counselling and support for crime victims and their families. Our motto is “Step in the right direction” and our vision is to make the world a better place through enlightenment, rehabilitation and empowerment.

Project scope

I: Need for funds – Winter is here, COVID 19 is still rampaging our world with so many people sick or out of work, the less privileged need our help. We intend to create a walk-in free food kitchen where the poor, homeless and ex-convicts can get free food and other basic materials beginning from Christmas day.

II: Our focus from 2021– As part of the activities for the year 2021, we intend to have an awareness walk-on prison inmates welfare, rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-convicts. We wish to sensitise the people that we all have a role to play in reducing the rate of recidivism across the world. Considering how important these activities are and how orderly and peaceful we expect it to be, a step-wise consultation with existing charity organizations for collaboration and networking purpose would be activated

III: Need for an office building – As an organization that is actively committed to the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-convicts into the society; we humbly request for an office space to enhance the effectiveness of our operations. This will be absolutely necessary for our education and sensitization programs and it will be a “go-to” point for interested persons who wish to find out more or support the operations of the organization. It will also be a perfect meeting venue for volunteers to meet with ex-convicts and carry out the rehabilitation programs adequately.

These programs will cut across special discussion sessions with the ex-convicts which will help us understand and provide peculiar solutions to their challenges. The building will equally serve as a half-way center for homeless ex-prisoners, and a meeting venue for existing and intending volunteers to brainstorm on brighter initiatives to strengthen the organization and further spread our message of love and hope across the community. We ask this in good faith as our present temporary office has proven inadequate for these purposes. It would also house our proposed kitchen for walk-in for cooked food program

 We will do our best to win your approval and support for this project as it will go a long way to make a positive impact on the community. We look forward to a favourable reply and we thank you in anticipation for your support.

The purpose of life is not only to be happy but to make others happy through our actions. You will definitely be doing a great work of service to God and humanity by donating a dollar or equally sharing the initiative with other well-meaning individuals. A Go-fund me account has been created and dedicated to this course and donations are welcomed through the platform. A dollar is all it takes to put a smile on the face of so many vulnerable people this yuletide season.’

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