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PRALARG investment limited is a company registered with the corporate affairs commission under companies and allied matters Acts 1990 and is limited by shares under Federal Government of Nigeria, the company is to carry out financial of businesses, to invest in Agriculture, human capital development programs, to build and sustains human-oriented programs, importation & exportation of goods, developed, promotes, and business support services, business development and to create a platform for securities of life and properties and also investigate same.


PRALARG investment limited is set to redefine, to build and sustain the human-oriented program. Our main goals are to carry out business supporting structure to assist SMEs enterprises by straightening them financially through a loan with interest-free after upfront money has been paid and investing in global resources.


 Part of PRALARG Investment Limited (PIL) objectives is to secure every business within the company (Pralarg Investment Limited), protect all our clients from all the challenges facing them and established many ways of assisting our members/investors in tackling those challenges.

PRALARG Investment is in two categories.

A Category, SMEs: You register with a non-refundable fee of #10,000 get a certificate of membership savings booklet and withdrawal booklet, you would enjoy all our services.

i. CAPITAL: – we are already talking with Financial Institutions for this purpose and our loan is INTEREST-free.

ii. Lack of Technical Skills: – we intend to continue to train our investors in business management, training and retraining are important in business management.

iii. Associations/ Membership Challenges: Most of the time SMEs/Artisans are prevented from carrying out their daily activities/ works by the activities of the associations by forcing the SMEs to join the Associations against their wish and against the provision of the law as provided for in Chapter IV, Section 40, of the 1999 Constitution as amended. Pralarg Investment would put a stop to this with our legal department

iv. Hazard at Work/ Businesses: Theft, Accidents, fire outbreaks etc. do happen in business environments and when this happens, it’s always difficult for Artisans/ business owners to bounce back after such incident without strong backup, help or assistance from external sources. Pralarg Investment Limited would ensure back to business in case of hazard at work.

v. Training: Training and Re-training are very important in a business environment. Training enables SMEs to meet up with the modern needs of the consumer as well as competing favourably with their competitors, Pralarg Investment would ensure proper training for her members.

vi. Lack of Partnership: Most entrepreneur/ SME’s do not see reasons to partner with other organization for the success of their businesses, so it’s easy for such business to fold up when faced with some business challenges.

vii. Lack of Proper Documentation: Most businesses/entrepreneurs lack proper business documentation with appropriate authorities like CAC, SON, NAFDAC e.t.c. and thereby face disruption in businesses. Pralarg Investment would help our members to maintain proper documentation with the relevant authority.

viii. Lack of Proper Financial Record: Most business owners keep a poor record of their sales while some do not keep a record. This seriously affects their businesses. Pralarg Investment would train business owners to maintain a proper financial record.

ix. Multiple Taxation: SME’s face multiple taxations in businesses, they pay several fines, levels, taxes, which in turn frustrate and have a negative effect on their businesses.

x. Lack of Advertisement: Many SME’s overlooks the importance of advertisement of businesses, many consumers are not aware of the existence of certain businesses and their products. The question is how can one go for a product/ business he/she does not know it exists. Pralarg Investment would maintain a platform where business owners can advertise their businesses.

B Category, you invest your money into PRALARG investment for a quarterly dividend, you can apply to get your capital after giving us a month notice of withdrawal.


Welcome to PRALARG Investment Limited and congratulations on your decision to become part of PRALARG Investor or entrepreneur. You have taken an important step toward taking control of your life for being an Investor and taking control of your businesses with PRALARG investment limited your life and businesses are secure.

Since it’s created in 2017, PRALARG Investment Limited has developed passion to empowered as many people as we can to increase the size of their businesses from good to great, saving small and medium enterprises from paying multiple taxation, securing their businesses from the torment of association and from other factors that may be extorting unnecessary money from their hard earning profit. Furthermore, as an investor when you invest your money in PRALARG investment limited you become part of PRALARG investment limited stakeholder which means you have entitled to be earning percentage commission every three months in PRALARG investment based on the share capital you invest in PRALARG investment limited plan. With PRALARG investment limited your business future is very bright and secured.

As the next pages that follow will showcase the priority of PRALARG investment limited. Our heritage is rich and deep and an unending source of pride. The testimony of our client, regular people from all walks of life are powerful, moving and inspirational. Our “Business ideas plan” richly reward
s those who participate in PRALARG investment business plan and invest in our company building plan. Our company stands firmly to deliver the best products from our manufacturer company with benefits that people want and establish for those who are willing to be a product manufacturing. PRALARG investment limited is set to redefine a lot of things in small and medium enterprises and others business or marketing sector. With PRALARG investment you have the tools of your own to be rich and benefits from other PRALARG investment plan, you have the opportunity to take charge of your businesses while at the same time earning commission from our building plan by helping others to live a better life.

Once again, welcome to PRALARG investment limited where we work as a team to make the dream work.



PRALARG Investment Limited maintains an unshakable commitment to our founding values, and these foundation values guide everything we do. They bind us all together as a team and attract people to us who share similar beliefs. For each of us, they represent a heritage that must be preserved each day and in every action we take. These values are:


At PRALARG investment limited “What’s Right” and the Golden Rule are more than just nice ideas… they are at the core of how we operate our company and businesses.

Integrity can be described as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It is a level of morality that needs to be maintained, no matter what happens. It is a high standard of honesty, truthfulness, decency and honour that is never breached. Integrity is one very powerful factor that determines how long a company last for decades. Without any doubt, integrity is a must for a company who desires to influence people. Notably, a company or business without integrity will end up in the dustbin. Having integrity is not important as to maintain it, especially in a company or a business. Absolute integrity is the priority and the core of how we operate our company that made PRALARG investment limited exceptional among other company of its kind in Nigeria.

When integrity is maintained properly, these are the benefits that come with it.

  • Credibility – When a company maintains integrity, people automatically trust the company. They are sure that the company can be relied upon, no matter what happens.
  • Respect and Dignity – Reaping respect and dignity is guaranteed for such company that walks in integrity. Many company or organization love to be respected. But you can’t force any of your clients, entrepreneur and your investor to respect your company, as respect is earned. People will respect your company when you learn to keep your words.


In PRALARG investment limited we believe that the first step toward accomplishing any great goal is to focus on the dreams and goals of others, and the greatest satisfaction comes from seeing others reach for their dreams… and achieve them.


Regardless of sex, race, age, culture, politics, religion, level of education or training, PRALARG investment limited offers the opportunity for a better living and a support to grow your business – even live your dreams.


PRALARG investment limited has been sharing high-quality business ideas, business development, and intellectual development since 2017. Because corporate decisions are based on a long-range, global perspective of success, PRALARG investment limited’s vision transcends fads and trends to guarantee our growth and stability for decades to come. As a member of PRALARG investment limited, these values work for your benefit… and work with you for the benefit of everyone you meet. PRALARG investment limited is simply the best opportunity for people today to take charge of their own businesses, financial independence and live the life of their dream.


What’s Right: – since 2017, all PRALARG investment limited actions have been guided by the powerful concept of “What’s Right”.

For the Customer

At PRALARG investment limited, we ensure that each product and services we deliver from our manufacturer or company meet the highest level of quality possible today and that all of our products and services truly meet the needs of people everywhere.

For PRALARG Investment Limited

PRALARG’S longevity and consistent growth is our desire to last for decades, to be able to prove that our company built on sound practices. Long-term planning with an eye toward future growth governs all organization decisions.

For PRALARG Investors and Members

The PRALARG opportunity is designed to allow anyone, regardless of what financial crisis or problems you might have been facing, to benefits from the plan and enrich your pocket when you participate in our products and services or as an investor. The more you invest in our company the more you enjoy commission from our compensation plan every three months you can earn a commission as big as your individual ambition, and energy permit.

For the Community

PRALARG is proud of many ways we support community programs that bring help and a little joy to people less fortunate. PRALARG supports a wide variety of service organizations dedicated to helping and safe people from financial problems, life/ business threaten, and reach those who have been looking for a way to live the life of their dream by investing with us. We also committed to helping community farmers to solve their plight of a bad plantation that doesn’t allow them to reap more profit from their crop after harvest by introducing them to a new way through our reputable partner from CALIFONIA (USA).

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