Why we do these

Why we do these

The Importance Of Prison Reforms Through Citizen Education & Empowerment cannot be over emphasized 

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”
– Desmond Tutu

The importance of Prison Reforms through citizen education and empowerment cannot be overemphasized.

PRALARG INT’L was established;
To restore hope, among other commitments by taking up the challenge to rewrite the negatives of the prison’s system and other terrible correctional facilities around the world in pursuit  for a crime free society.

1. Overcrowding: This is one of the major problems of the prison system; there is  a reckless level of indiscriminate combination of prisoners all in a bid to accommodate everybody. Juvenile inmates will have to be put together with adults, and minor offenders with hardened criminals. Regrettably this leads to recidivism, indoctrination of minor offenders who now come out more hardened; worse than they ever were before their incarceration.
2. Non –affordability of the criminal justice system: The cost of hiring good lawyers are quite expensive hence, most inmates and their families lose too much money during their prosecution to even make appeals or try to revisit cases. Some are not even privileged to hire one at all and end up being represented very poorly in court.
3. Stigmatization: This happens to both ex-convicts and anyone who has passed through prosecution. Whether convicted or discharged and acquitted, people stigmatize anyone who has passed through the prison system; this makes it more difficult for people to turn a new leaf.
4. Unemployment: It is very difficult for ex-convicts to secure job opportunities after their incarceration which equally leads to recidivism.
5. Problem of settlement: Many ex-convicts find it very difficult to settle down and get a place of abode after their release from prison making life more miserable for them.
6. Contamination of Disease and Infections: Due to overcrowding in Prisons, inmates contact and are infected with different diseases and infections that give them serious health issues upon their release.
7. Psychological Trauma: Because of the restriction and harsh living conditions in the prison, inmates get mentally derailed overtime. 

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These two worlds have a lot to contribute to global peace, depending largely on the way we handle them. If we fail to help the vulnerable in society, the prison will be flooded with inmates and lose its purpose and credibility. Likewise, if we fail to help or reform the inmates, then we should rest assured that on discharge, these set of people we have refused to reform will make the society a living hell. A greater percentage of those in prisons are awaiting trials inmates and a larger number of them got there as victims of circumstances.

The fact still remains that if we do what we are supposed to do as a society and as individuals, many of them will not be there in the first place. We believe we needed to do something both for those incarcerated and the public in general in addressing some of these challenges including the knowledge and information gaps identified through our established Step Right magazine and the Step Radio online

We need to enlighten people about things we ignorantly and carelessly do but that is against the law, it is said that there is no ignorance in law. Our passion for a change gave birth to PRALARG INTERNATIONAL, we believe that the best time to act is NOW.

‘So long as any society has a system that lets people out of prison, it is in when they went in’-Erwin James


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